Tibet and the ICJ

In response to my nearly two-year old article on Tibet, I received this comment:

I felt it was important to address this, because it is likely to fool many wise people. I followed this report and the first thing I noticed is that it was from the International Commission of Jurists and not the International Court of Justice.

A cursory look at their own website says:

Born at the ideological frontline of a divided post-war Berlin, the ICJ was established following the 1952 ‘International Congress of Jurists’ in West Berlin . The Congress was organized by the ‘Investigating Committee of Free Jurists (ICJF)’, a group of German jurists committed to investigating human rights abuses carried out in the Soviet Zone of post-war Germany.

There has to be another word for Anti-Soviet Germans from 1945…..

Of course, to get a better understanding of NGOs, please listen to our episode with Dan Kovalik on the Human Right’s industry.

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