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No More Schrödinger's President

Can the president control gas prices? Answer: Yes. Look at Nixon.

Uh oh, we have a case of the Schrödinger's Presidency1, a phenomenon that seems to crop up during Democratic presidency. This time, the president is allegedly powerless to control gas prices and he can irrationally blame Russia for it.

On June 1, President Biden lied about his ability to control gas prices and food prices, in a barely coherent rant (as seen in our video).

Bidenists should stop their lies:

Not only can the President set gas prices, but the president can control the price of ALL CONSUMER GOODS. In June of 1973, during the OAPEC oil embargo, then President Richard Nixon set oil prices, but he also went further and set the price of all consumer goods, as you can see in our video compilation of Richard Nixon’s speech from the White House in 1973. Not only did he freeze prices once during his presidency, but he continued it twice!

In reality, President Nixon could have blamed the OAPEC oil embargo because that was the actual cause of the increase in all prices. However, instead of blaming a foreign actor, he decided to blame a natural event like a dignified statesman. In fact, President Biden has been irrationally blaming President Putin for HIS SANCTIONS against Russia.

But, since President Biden is allegedly the most progressive President since FDR, he can’t let Richard Nixon “out-progress” him.

We know it is unreasonable to expect Biden to have an FDR moment, but why not a Nixon moment?

To read more about President Nixon’s price freeze, here is the 1973 New York Times Article.



Schrödinger's Presidency: A position that simultaneously has no power to pass bills despite having a majority in all chambers of the federal government, and also has total power when it comes to shipping weapons to fascists battalions.