Interactive Thread- Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Palestine

Today, on twitter, someone asked a rather bizarre question about Russia, Ukraine, and Israel and Palestine.

of course, I can write a long piece about the difference in history, material conditions, time span, space, geopolitical realities and capitalism. But it would be long, maybe boring and not thoroughly.

Today, I want everyone to contribute to this thread. Please answer the question seriously. Unrelated comments, personal insults, profainity, discrimination and harassment will be deleted.

Here is my analysis of the Iraq war.
War: Business as Usual
Last week on Democracy Now, NY congressional Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez answered a question about potentially sending troops to Haiti. Her mealy-mouthed answer about "exit plans" made it painfully clear that she does not understand what every US intervention entails…
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We also have an interview about Palestine
Palestine with Dr. James Zogby
Listen now (44 min) | In the US media, the history of Israel and Palestine begins in 1947 which of course paints a slanted picture about Palestine, the people and their struggles. Today, Dr. James Zogby comes to us to talk about the history of zionism, Palestine, colonization and religion and how it intersects with the current geopolitical conflict…
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But, I can’t wait to listen to my listeners and readers.

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