Thank you !! Lies, lies everywhere....

FBI deliberately lied to social media companies about Hunter Biden laptop (actually three water-damaged laptops - not just one) – FBI knew the truth exactly – laptops were in their possession for one (1) year



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And a bit of history: Why should we hate China and Chinese people even more…


China's "Century of Humiliation" & US-Chinese Tensions Today with Carl Zha – Dec 6, 2022

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Are we hating Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela enough ??

Elon Musk – for Nobel Peace Prize !! He might have saved us from the fascist partisan US War party.

https://substack.com/inbox/post/89954921 -- Caitlin Johnstone - 12/11/2022

The Biggest Obstacle To Real Freedom Is The Belief That We Already Have It

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