I appreciate the background to the Syrian conflict that Max has investigated and understand that the opposition was militarised by extremists (funded by Saudis, supported by USA). And I don't buy into the accusations that Assad used chemical weapons against his people.

But in the early days of the war isn't it true that Assad did commit terrible crimes against the protesters? From what I have read, at first it was the torture of children who graffitied anti Assad graffiti. And then followed by brutal attacks by the military against the protesters. Maybe I have read lies. I don't know. Of course the conflict evolved into the externally supported extremist militia opposition that Max has outlined etc..

But can't the discussion also include things that Assad has done that were reprehensible. To do this would not exclude the validity of any of Max's investigative work on the Syrian war. I just feel it would paint a complete picture.

To be clear, I am vehemently against the interference in this conflict by outside forces (USA, Saudi Arabia etc)

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